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What Does The Current “Traditional Design” For Kitchens Look Like?

Sun Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2018

The modern Traditional kitchen looks deceptively simple. It features clean lines, neutral colors, and lots of light. But that description could also be applied to a science lab. Let's look at some of the details that make your Traditional kitchen an inviting, homey space.

The first elements that make a modern Traditional kitchen are light and space. Now, this can be hard if your kitchen is small, but it can be achieved with the right design features. Paint the walls and ceiling the same color to give the illusion of height. Lighter colors create more space than darker colors and they reflect more light. Take advantage of natural light when possible. If your kitchen has a window, frame it well and allow the sunshine in! It will make your space seem much more open. Make sure that you have adequate light fixtures to fill your space and give your kitchen a more open feeling.

What makes the modern Traditional kitchen an inviting space? Color and texture are the keys. Pops of brighter colors can be incorporated lots of different ways. Incorporating elements like glass panes in your cabinet doors allows you to display your dishes as a design feature and is very cost-conscious. Having a back splash made of colorful mosaic tiles will brighten the space. A deep, rich colored marble or granite makes a gorgeous counter top. Having wood-stained elements adds character.

Texture and color go hand in hand. Some cool kitchen chairs with an interesting, textured finish can be upholstered with a bright, colorful fabric or have a seat cushion with an interesting design. Counter top materials can also add texture. A light fixture with a vintage-inspired design brings a traditional vibe to your space. Embrace this new “traditional” design in your kitchen to bring your personality, comfort and style into the heart of your home.

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