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      Sun Stone Co.,Ltd
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      Sun Stone Co.,Ltd

      Add: Room AB,9/F., Office Tower, Zhongxin Huiyang Building, No.59 North Hubin Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China

      Con: David Wang

      Tel: 0086-592-5361299

      Pho: 0086-13806005516

      Fax: 0086-592-5361255

      E-mail: info@china-sun-stone.com

      Web: www.mbbkj.cn

      Cheap Granite Countertops

      Cheap Granite Countertops

      Cheap Granite Countertops are with various natural granite colors and dimensions.

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      Cheap Granite Countertops Specifications

      Kitchen countertop: 24'x96', 26'x96', 28'x96', 28'x108', etc.

      Countertop Peninsula: 36'/39'/28' x 78', etc.

      Countertop Island: 66'/84'/86' x 42', etc.

      Countertop Snack Bar: 12'/15'/18' x 78', etc.

      Bathroom Vanity: 25'/31'/37'/49'/60' x 22', etc.

      Thickness: 2cm, 2.5cm, 2cm+2cm, 3cm, etc.

      Venetian Gold Granite Countertops Edges Profile

      Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Flat ease d (eased edge), Bevel top, Radius Top, Laminated Countertop, Ogee Edge, Dupont, Edge, Beveled processed and polished or other


      Welcome to visit this website about cheap granite countertops of Sun Stone, which is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of natural stones in China. Catering to your requirement, our company also deals with customized business. We now have many products in stock, welcome to buy discount cheap granite countertops made in China at low price with us.
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